[Personal experience]

*Participated in activities caring for homeless people in Akron in the United States ex. Providing food, health examination...etc

*After back to Taiwan, I started with the church "Home Care Association of New Taipei City" and "Volunteer to teach children for disadvantaged families in English"

*Also provide monthly living expenses and education expenses for adopting children in Kenya and Africa.

[Reason & Social Responsibility]

Why come back to Taiwan?

Because we want to contribute ourselves to our country. With my mother’s blood, I have the courage of a samurai and a mission to the society;

therefore, I have this ECO company---a company culture of creating passion and contributing , become an environmentally influential person.

Why choose skin care products?

Because of the excessive packaging of skin care products, it has caused major environmental pollution to the earth.

"JFOrganic" is the only skin care product brand company in Taiwan that does not have color boxes.

We look forward to changing consumers' habits-reducing resource waste,

preserving trees and greening the environment, reducing garbage pollution from the root.

[Action Plan]

*Call on social groups to clean the beach together.

In the island country, we have a total of 220 islands. But less than 10% have cleaning treatment. The goal is to have these 220 islands cleaned in the next 10 years.

* Revenue contribution

5% of the income is contributed to a group of young people who are developing remote control electric boat technology

which can recycle more than 200,000 kilograms of marine waste each year in non-profit spontaneous organizations,

reducing microplastics affecting human health through the food chain and disrupting human endocrine , reproductive system, and may even cause cancer.


Invite you to love the ocean and protect the earth. The "ECO friendly" sign will let Taiwan return to Formosa! Our small step can return a clean environment to marine animals and protect the health of our next generation.