❙ about us ❙

『JF organic』 select of organic product from the United States

Simple is a kind of happiness!

The busy generations are not for the sake of children, forgetting to love themselves,

or to work hard and work hard every day to work overtime and forget to take good care of them.

Because of simplicity, there is always a better way to treat yourself and the environment in which you live.

How to find the easiest way to maintain in this mode, repair your skin, but also the age of freezing is our goal.

The problem of the skin has never been given too little, but too much or wrong to hurt the skin.

Dispose of bottles and cans as much as possible, so that a simple "one bottle" can be maintained,

have a high quality of life, give you time to free, and return to the skin's initial beauty.

Brand spirit: simple --> quality --> freedom

As soon as possible, you can achieve clear/complement/adjust to help you remove dirt-->reinforcing deficiency-->adjust skin condition

Idea and persistence

『JF organic』 Adhere to the positive demands of organic, no added chemical ingredients and environmental protection,

and provide the most healthy, safe and trustworthy products and services to realize the expectations of consumers.
The purpose of introducing this brand into Taiwan is to enable every person who loves beauty to have a healthy skin

while being able to love the earth with environmental protection.

In order not to over-consume the earth's resources, our products do not have color boxes, nor expensive bottles,

so that everyone can save money and pay attention to content.

Everyone says that they want to be environmentally friendly and love the earth....

But there is nothing they can do. In fact, from our small move, we can help this damaged earth.